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General terms and conditions concerning the use of electronic wallets for cashless payments

The terms and conditions mentioned below shall apply to all cashless payments made through the electronic wallet by Contidata co. at the accounting centers (outlets) within or near the premises of the University of Göttingen or within the dining facilities and cafeterias run by Studentenwerk Göttingen.

1. Recharging

Electronic wallets can be recharged at designated cashpoints (card recharging terminals) either with cash in notes of ?5, ?10, ?20 or ?50 or by direct debit authorization in line with the electronic direct debiting scheme "ELV". Recharging is only admitted up to a maximum credit amount of ?55.

If recharging is done by direct debit authorization, the owner of a student/employee/university ID chip card authorizes Studentenwerk Göttingen to deduct the recharging sum from his or her bank account (as per account number and bank code provided) by direct debit. If a recharging sum cannot be debited to the account specified, the chip card in question will be blocked. Blocked cards will be released only after payment has been made including any charges debited.

Chip cards can be recharged at the following locations:

Nordmensa Mensa Italia
Grisebachstraße 10 Roedererstraße 15 a
Niedersächsiche Staats- und Mensa am Turm
Universitätsbibiothek Goßlerstraße 12 b
Historisches Gebäude, Papendiek 14  
Zentralmensa Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 4 Platz der Göttinger Sieben
Neue Physik Universitätsklinikum
Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1 Robert-Koch-Straße 4
Niedersächsische Staats-und Max-Planck-Institut
Universitätsbibliothek für biophysikalische Chemie
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 1 Am Faßberg 11
Cafeteria HAWK (EC) Bistro HAWK (EC)
Büsgenweg 1 a Von-Ossietzky-Straße 99

2. Cashless payments

Cashless payments through electronic wallets can be made at the outlets within or near the premises of the University of Göttingen or within the dining facilities and cafeterias run by Studentenwerk Göttingen and by the Human Medicine Department. There is no entitlement to cashless payments.

3. Validity of student ID chip card

Each student ID has a validity date on it. After expiry of this date, the card will be automatically charged at guest rates during the next wallet recharge. If the card owner cancels the procedure, he or she will be allowed to spend the remaining balance at the original student rate.

Chip card owners with expired validity dates are required to contact the responsible chip card point at the university to extend their card's validity. Once the student ID chip card is valid again, it will be assigned to the original rate during the next recharge.

4. Responsibilities and obligations of chip card owners

Card owners who lose their student/employee/university ID chip card commit themselves to contact the universitys chip card point or the information desk run by Studentenwerk Göttingen immediately to have their card blocked. There is also the possibility to contact the universitys call center (please dial 0551 39-11 71). As a result, the card will be blocked without delay, that is, within one working day.

Any identifiable remaining balance on a faulty or lost student/employee/university ID chip card will be reimbursed at the card owners request. Chip card owners who wish to claim reimbursement, need to obtain written confirmation from the universitys chip card point which must be submitted to the information desk of the Studentenwerk. Studentenwerk Göttingen subsequently tries to identify the remaining balance which can be either transferred to the newly issued student/employee/university ID chip card or paid in cash. Chip card owners of the Human Medicine Department may also refer to their departments chip card service points.
There is no entitlement to balance reimbursement if identification of its exact amount is impossible or would require unreasonably great efforts.
Withdrawals due to unauthorized chip card use shall not be reimbursed.

5. Data privacy protection

The data of cashless payments made with the electronic wallet are stored at the respective outlets and transmitted to the Studentenwerk for accounting purposes. Processing and storage of the accounting data is done anonymously by saving the cards MIFARE ID as well as the debit and/or recharged amount and the credit balance. In case of direct debit authorization, the bank code and account number of the EC-/Maestrocard used will be saved as well.

To enforce claims from insufficient debit balances, the card owner expressly agrees that the account-holding branch (responsible financial institution) shall be entitled to forward the account holders name and address to the Studentenwerk Göttingen. Other personal data will be exchanged only with prior express consent by the chip card owner.

The data will not be forwarded to third parties. All data will be destructed after expiry of the 10-year statutory period of retention.
Through his/her participation in cashless payment procedures, the chip card owner agrees to store and process the accounting data within the scope described above.

6. Information

Advice and information concerning cashless payments made by student/employee/university ID chip cards is provided by the information desk at the Studentenwerk's Zentralmensa or by the university's chip card points.

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