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Short-term loans

Students of all universities in Göttingen who find themselves in a temporary financial emergency through no fault of their own are eligible to receive an interest free loan of ? 500 maximum from the student loan fund.

This loan is intended to assist the student?s means of subsistence and study costs (including teaching material, excursion and practical work placement costs). It is also possible to be used as an advanced payment for outstanding instalments from other funders (such as BAföG grants).

To ensure the security of the loan, a directly enforceable guarantee must be provided. If the loan is approved as an advanced payment in accordance with BAföG funding, it is to serve as security for an assignment of the BAföG repayments.

The duration of this loan will normally not exceed a period of three months. The loan must be repaid in one amount. The reminder fees and operating costs are to be borne by the borrower.