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Psychological guidance helps with study-related problems and personal crises

Academic studies are not always fun.
Exam stress, inhibitions to speak before others in seminars, problems when learning, loneliness, self-doubt, unreadiness to "cut the cord", pressure to perform: students? problems may vary as much as the demands of academic studies. Studying at university means that institutional strains (e.g. pressure to perform, anonymity, lack of guidance, tuition fees) meet individual challenges of students? personal development. This may give rise to difficulties that generate further problems. In many cases, personal problems result in study-related difficulties and, conversely, study-related problems often result in personal crises. According to a survey conducted by the German Studentenwerk, 25% of all students experience serious psychological difficulties during their course of study. Such difficulties may arise independently of a student?s intellectual capabilities and vocational talents. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to overcome such crises quickly and without any external assistance.
In order to prevent a crisis from becoming an unsolvable problem, our guidance team from the psychological counselling service (PSB) are available to assist you with various problems.