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Studentenwerk Göttingen
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Today at the cafeteria
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The Studentenwerk Göttingen....

... a modern public service business.

 The Studentenwerk Göttingen has changed into a modern public service business, 85 years after founding the "Studentenhaus Göttingen e.V.". The Studentenhaus Göttingen e.V. used to be a non-profit organization to alleviate the social and economical destitution of the students after World War II.

The duties of the Studentenwerk is to support the students economically, social, cultural and in health matters according to the Rules and Regulations for universities in the State of Lower Saxony (NHG). Therefore we hired about 400 employees.

The Studentenwerk is a housing corporation as much as a gastronomical giant. We offer 4 dining facilities in which about 14.000 meals are prepared and served daily, 9 cafeterias and 45 properties with around 4.600 apartments/rooms.

The support of the student is not limited to accommodations, meals and BAföG (financial aid). Numerous of new fields like social services, psychosocial advice center, the office for cultural and leisure time activities, Clubkino (movie theater), five day care centers and the reading hall have been added over the years.

The Studentenwerk is financed up to 73% by its own earnings. The share of the state lies at 19% and the tuition fee of the students make up 8% of the financial support of the Studentenwerk.

In spite of their legal independence the Studentenwerk is organizational combined with the university and their organs. The members of the board and public trust council are predominately filled with professors and students.