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This neat little box allows hardly any electromagnetic waves to penetrate it. If you store your chip card (student/employee/university ID) in this box, it will be impossible to secretly read the data. Whats more: This is also a good place to store business cards. Material: black aluminum with silver laser engraving `StopRFID?.

Now available for the net cost price of EUR 6 at the chip card point (information desk) at the "Zentralmensa".

Paying without cash with the new chip card

Since the 1st August 2007 all students and employees can use their student ID/employee ID (chip card) for cashless payments at the dining facilities of the Studentenwerk. After the decision of the executive commitee the reduced rate for employees of the university will only be guaranteed with the cashless payment (employee ID) from the 1st April 2009. Guests of the Studentenwerk Göttingen can buy a guest chip card at the information desk of the Zentralmensa or in the Nordmensa (at Servicebüro Nord) and Mensa Italia.

The card holds a little chip (electronic wallet) that can be recharged at a chip card recharging device either by paying cash or by direct debit (EC-card).  Now the card only needs to be placed on a card reader at the cashier and the amount is deducted.

This new paying system is operated by the Studentenwerk and university together and all chip cards recharged at the dining facilities of the university hospital can be used at all dining facilities of the Studentenwerk.

If you have any questions or problems concerning the card please contact our chip card point (information desk) at the Zentralmensa. Customers on the Northern Campus please contact the Servicebüro Nord at the Nordmensa.
Your questions and suggestions are also welcomed at chipkarte(at)studentenwerk-goettingen.de.