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Today at the cafeteria
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Friday, 21. November 2014 [next Week]
Please observe our shop-hours
cheese mincemeat soup with fresh leek (2,g) rye roll (a,g), zucchini cream soup, pumpkin cream soup  pork
MSC baked filet of hoki (a,d,g,j) spicy chili mayo dip (3,a,c,g,j), mixed green salad, herb vinaigrette, potato salad with vinegar and oil, dessert of the day satsuma
Caipirinha Chicken (2,e,l) balkan vegetables, potatoes with pesto (4), herb butter without garlic (f,g,i), pepper mayo dip with green pepper (3,a,c,g,j), hot chimichurri dip (3,l), mango pineapple chutney (2)  pork
fried pork sausage with curry sauce (1,8,j) curry ketchup, coleslaw, chips  pork
chicken nuggets (a) spicy curry dip (3,a,c,g,j), chips  pork
vegan broccoli spelled casserole (a,f) tomatoe sauce vegetarian
fried breaded pork steak (a,c) chips, sauce with asparagus and mushrooms (3,c,g)  pork
beef hamburger (a,c,j) mustard sour cream (g,j), hamburger sesame roll XXL (a,k), gherkins (1,2,9), fried onions (a), fresh slices of tomatoes, pickled silverskin onion (3,9,l), mix of chopped bell pepper, sliced gherkins (j), fresh sliced cucumber, leaf spinach, shredded Gouda (1,2,g)  pork
2 pieces baked apple strudel (a,g) custard (g), stewed apricots vegetarian
Last Minute dining deals from 14.30 clock - Only while stocks last!
salad bar - self-service
Mensa am Turm
Please observe our shop-hours
Please observe our shop-hours
Mensa Italia
Please observe our shop-hours
Bistro HAWK
Please observe our shop-hours

= vegetarian

  = regional

= with meat

  = with fish/ seafood

= organic according to DE-Öko-039

Certification ID: MSC-C-51631