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Studentenwerk Göttingen
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Today at the cafeteria
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Our cafeterias

In our 9 cafeterias we offer a selection of warm and cold beverages as well as little snacks, croissant and sandwiches if you feel a little appetite in between meals.

Café Central

Cafe Central is the Studentwerk's largest cafeteria and the only one that offers delicious warm dishes from 11.30 a.m. until 4.30 pm. Or you would like to have breakfast? No problem, from 9 a.m. on we provide you with some great breakfast offers.


Café Campus

Cafe Campus offers 60 seats as well as a terrace with 44 seats. Our staff will serve coffee specialties of all sorts besides our self-serving offers.


Café SUB

There are 120 window seats at this cafeteria on different floors of the rotunda. You have a beautiful view on the campus.


Café Cult

We offer sandwiches, cakes, coffee and cold drinks.

Café am Turm

The cafeteria has 160 seats available and in addition a terrace with 48 seats. Located in a historical washhouse it fascinates with its special atmosphere.


Café Physik (CaPhy)

"CaPhy" offers 90 seats as well as a terrace with 60 seats. The modern winter garden invites to a long break.


coffeebar ins grüne

The "coffeebar ins grüne" offers 99 seats as well as a terrace with 60 seats.



Located in the Northern part of town you will find this cafe with 80 seats and a terrace with 36 seats. Recommended for those who seek rest and relaxation away from the hectic university life.


Bistro HAWK

This bistro is located at a residential area called "Zietenterrasse" and offers 80 seats and a terrace with 24 seats. Most frequently visited around lunch time due to the fact that they offer 2 very delicious warm meals.