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Today at the cafeteria
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Our dining facilities

Our four dining facilities offer outstanding quality, very affordable prices and specialty weeks on a regular basis. It is a hard decision to make; as there are many different dishes on the menu per day in the semester.


The largest dining facility with 23 theme stations, upfront cooking, a wok station, vegetarian meals, soups, stews, salad and dessert buffet.

chef : A. Glasenapp

dining facility manager: I. Meyer 


Mensa am Turm

Here you can choose between 3 Turm-menus with a selection of side dishes; a stew; a vegan menu and a salad buffet. Since the 8th of April 2013, we also serve"home-made menus".


chef : M. Lanze
dining facility manager: M. Schneemann


In the Nordmensa, you will find a large variety of meals in our menu plan. You can choose between three main components and various side dishes. We also offer our Nordmensa-Fit menu, wich includes a light meal, vegan or vitality meals as well as a rich salad and pasta bar (self-service).

chef: O. Cedel-Hose
dining facility manager: P. Schweikert

Mensa Italia

The Mensa Italia offers various dishes ("Vegetarisch", "Menü I" & "Menü II"), wich change every day. We also offer a stew and a vegan menu with side dishes. You can also choose from a daily salad buffet.

dining facility manager: S. Michalak