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Menu Bistro HAWK Calendar Week 50 from 11.12.2017 to 16.12.2017 logo_studentenwerk_goettingen
  Eintopf Menü 1 Menü 2 Vegetarisch
Monday, 11.12.2017
cauliflower stew with diced tomatoes and cream cheese (g,i)
rye roll (a,g)
fried sausages (3,4,8,c,g,j)
gravy, Sauerkraut, mashed potatoes with chives (g), Djuvec rice (1), tomato cucumber salad, dessert of the day yoghurt pot
baked vegetarian broccoli with nuts (a,h,i)
yoghurt leek sauce (g), homemade puszta salad (3,9,i,l), whole grain fusilli (a), dessert of the day yoghurt pot
Tuesday, 12.12.2017
italian gnocchi stew with ratatouille and Parmesan (1,a,c,g)
multigrain roll (a,g,k)
Christmas menu
wild duck fresh from the oven, cranberry cream sauce (g), potato croquettes (a,c,f), sprouts, bean salad with sour cream (9,g), spaghetti (a), dessert of the day
potato gratin with cauliflower and curry (c,g)
peppered tomato sauce, corn salad, dessert of the day
Wednesday, 13.12.2017
turkey curry with coconut pineapple sauce (g,i)
rye roll (a,g)
roasted pork
gravy, cabbage bavarian style, Spätzle (a,c), almond croquette (a,c,h), carrot salad, dessert of the day yoghurt pot
vegetarian cauliflower dish with cheese sauce (2,g)
boiled potatoes, iceberg salad with small melon balls, dessert of the day yoghurt pot
Thursday, 14.12.2017
leek cheese cream soup with potatoes (2,g)
roll Ruchi (a,f,g)
3 meatballs of pork (a,c,g,j)
pesto tomato sauce (1,4,c,g), corn with peas, jacket potatoes, iceberg lettuce, orient rice, dessert of the day yoghurt pot
vegetarian Schupfnudel pan with vegetables and mushrooms (a,c,i)
cottage cheese with herbs (g), bellpepper salad, dessert of the day yoghurt pot
Friday, 15.12.2017
chilean corn vegetable stew (1)
rye roll (a,g)
MSC baked Alaska pollock fish crossies (a,d,g,j)
remoulade (3,9,a,c,g,j), country frites (a), peas, boiled potatoes, green beans, dessert of the day yoghurt pot
vegan breaded vegetable steak (a,i)
carrot salad (9), penne pasta (a), dessert of the day yoghurt pot

Signs and Symbols

fisch with fish/ seafood fleisch with meat vegetarisch without meat allergy friendly canteen allergy friendly canteen MSC MSC-C-51631 Selbstkontrolle DE-Öko-039
1 with preservative, 2 with couloring, 3 with antioxidant, 4 with flavour enhancer, 5 sulphurated, 6 blackened, 7 waxed, 8 with phosphate, 9 sweetener/s, 10 contains phenylalanin source, 11 with cocoa based coating, a containing gluten, b crustaceans and derived products, c eggs and derived products, d fish and derived products, e peanuts and derived products, f soybeans and derived products, g milk and derived products (including lactose), h edible nuts, i celery and derived products, j mustard and derived products, k sesame seeds and derived proucts, l sulfur dioxid and sulphites, m lupines and derived products, n molluscs and derived products