looking for tango partnerin

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looking for tango partnerin

Beitragvon Jaewan » Mittwoch 21. Oktober 2015, 19:01

Tanzpartnerin suche : Tango Anfänger

I'm looking for dance partnerin.
The course is already started. It has still 7 weeks. But i still find someone, who interested in Tango.
I'm also beginner. I wanted to learn Tango. But it was hard to start without partner/in. I just started to learn.
If there is someone who want to learn tango and hesitated to start for without partner. Let's dance together.

Feel free to contact me


montags 19.45 bis 21.15 Uhr
Ort: Zentralme
Beginn: 05.10.2015 (10 Abende)
Kursleiter: Matias

Re: looking for tango partnerin

Beitragvon melanie » Mittwoch 21. Oktober 2015, 19:01

I'm looking for a partner too. i will attend the course for Anfaeger next week. i am 163 cm and know a little about the tango. have you found your Partner? Please write to me! melanie0324@126.com


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