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Studentenwerk Göttingen
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International Students

You need to look for accomodation early if you would like to study in Göttingen. There are long waiting lists at our student accommodations, so we recommend applying as soon as possible. Here you will find the online application.

At the beginning of the semester it is hard to find an affordable apartment even on the private housing market. If you are already in Göttingen, we are glad to assist you. Please contact our Accommodation Services.

Please reserve a room (e.g. hotel, hostel) in advance for a few day to find a private room/ apartment on the housing market.

Erasmus-/ Exchange program

If you are student of an exchange program (Erasmus etc.) you will receive information at the Accommodation Service of the university.
To apply directly for accommodation is not possible. Your request will be forwarded to us by the international office.

The following housing areas offer rooms to exchange students:

Albrecht-Thaer-Weg 6-14b/ Studentendorf/ Studentensiedlung/ Robert-Koch-Str. 38/ Christophorusweg 12/ Akademische Burse/ Geiststraße 11a/ Kreuzbergring 44-46/ Goßlerstr. 23 / Humboldtallee 40 and Kreuzbergring 2.

There are single rooms with joint kitchen and bathroom or single rooms in a shared apartment with joint kitchen and bathroom available in above mentioned residences.

For further information please contact:

Wohnheimverwaltung Dorf
Ms. Diederich/ Ms. von Minden
Gutenbergstraße 32
37075 Göttingen
Phone: 0049/ 551/ 3935171 or 72
Fax: 0049/ 551/ 3935178
email: wvdorf@studentenwerk-goettingen.de