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We offer the following types of guidance:

 ·  Quick and non-bureaucratic assistance can be provided face-to-face during   open consultation hours or if you arrange an appointment outside consultation hours by phone or e-mail.


·  Initial talk: We will try to pin down the problem and provide you with ideas on possible ways to solve it. Our aim is to find a way that fits your individual situation.

·  Individual talks: The initial talk is usually followed by a series of 1 - 10 individual talks ? if required, including your partner. In many cases, one single talk or only a few sessions can help you to clear your mind and get back on track or to develop strategies on how to solve problems. As a result, you will generally feel better soon. Should counselling establish the need for intensive therapeutic treatment, we will assist you in finding a suitable psychotherapist.

·  Group counselling: e.g. in case of conflicts with your flat-sharing community or student accommodation.

·  Courses (for fees see ?Courses?): At the beginning of each semester, our counselling service offers courses on how to improve work efficiency and how to relieve exam stress. You can book these courses on-line.

·  Beginners? coaching: Individual and free-of-charge guidance at the beginning of your course of study.

·  Pre-graduate coaching: Individual and free-of-charge guidance before graduating.

·  Pre-doctorate coaching: Individual and free-of-charge guidance to get support before doing a doctorate.