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Frequently asked questions

1. How can I pay with my student ID card?
There is an "electronic wallet" on the card which can be recharged at designated recharging devices. Now the amount payable will be deducted from your balance by placing it on the card reader at the checkout counter.

2. How can I check my credit balance?
To check the credit balance, insert your card in the recharging device.

3. What should I do if the card doesn't work?
Please contact the service point at the Zentralmensa (information desk) or the head of domestic economy at the Nordmensa. There we will try to read the card and transfer the credit balance to a new card.

4. What should I do if I have lost my card?
You have to contact the issuing dept. of the university and the service point of the Studentenwerk immediately to block your card. The easiest way is to contact the call center of the university at 0551-39 1171. The Studentenwerk will block the card and the university will issue a replacement card.

5. Will I receive the credit balance of the card lost?
The service point of the Studentenwerk will try to determine the balance on the card lost. However, you have to expect that whoever found the card might use it. If there is credit left it will be transferred to your new card.

6. What should I do if my card can't be read at checkout?
In most cases the card has been removed to quickly from the recharging machine and the process hasn't completed. Please go back to the same recharging machine, place your card in the card reader and the process will be completed.

7. What should I do if my card has expired?
Students of the university extend the validity of their card at the ZHG (central lecture room building on the main campus) SB terminal of the university. Requirements are re-enrollment and the semester fee has been received.
Employees have to contact the issuing dept. of the university or the service point of the Studentenwerk (Zentralmensa).

8. What should I do if my balance is not enough?
Please pay cash or recharge your card at the machine in the dining hall.

9. What should I do if my card has expired and I encoded to the guest status?
To extend your validity, place the card on card reader, recharge and the status will be automatically changed to student prices.

10. Can I transfer the credit balance to my bank account?
No, in order to determine the balance on your card you have to come to the service point or a checkout counter. You will receive the remainder in cash.

11. Can I get the remainder on my card anytime?
Yes, you can receive your money at any checkout counter or the service point at the Zentralmensa.

12. Can I still pay cash?

Yes, you can still pay cash at our dining facilities. But in the future there will be only one cashier where you can pay cash and therefore a long wait is to be expected.

13. Problem with the use of EC-Cards on our EC-Loading-Station
Since the 1 st. of January 2011 EC-Cards are issued by all credit institutions with an EMV data Chip and the customer data are cryptographically secured.

This means that the known EC-magnet strip is not necessary anymore and in many cases will not be supported by our EC loading station. Therefore it cannot be used on our EC-loading stations. In this case please use our cash loading stations.

Several credit institutions also have a modification on the magnet strip which unfortunately causes a data error whilst loading on our EC card loading station. In this case you also have to use our Cash loading stations.

The manufacturer is anxious to solve this problem as quickly as possible