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There is no time like the present - Pre-graduate coaching

Since October 2008, Studentenwerk Göttingen offers single and group coaching for students in the final stage of their studies.

·  Do you need assistance in overcoming the last obstacles of your studies,        
   for example, oral exams or a final written paper?
·  Are you already in a two-digit semester and haven?t been at university for
   quite some time?·  Do you hover between dropout and graduating?

PSB offers the following possibilities during single- and /or group coaching:

·  assessment of your individual situation
·  setting up a work or time schedule
·  testing efficient learning and working methods
·  relieving exam stress
·  meeting other students who have similar difficulties ´

Are you interested?

Join us at open consultation hours on "pre-graduate coaching":
or send an e-mail with the subject "pre-graduate coaching" to:
kerstin.karg (at) studentenwerk-goettingen.de

"Even a journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step."(Chinese saying)