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Today at the cafeteria
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Mensa am Turm ...regional food!

"Is(s)t regional": Since April 8 2013, this is the slogan of the "Mensa am Turm". It also applies to the "Café am Turm". All meals and drinks offered within these facilities are made from regional and seasonal products. Consequently, they represent freshness, short transport distances, reliable production, and support of the local economy.

The growing demand for home-made meals led chef Markus Lanze and his team to start using only local products. This way, they wanted to check if students would really appreciate them. As it turned out, this trial was well received. In order to implement the idea of offering high-quality regional foods combined with culinary craftsmanship, new menus and also a new logo were created.  

However, regional implementation is not easy, as many foods are not grown and processed locally. This is true, for example for tofu as a soy product, fish, some kinds of fruit, ice cream, some drinks etc. Vegan meals are an integral part of our menu, especially at the "Mensa am Turm". As we would like to continue offering them, soy products must be exempt from the regional rule.