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Certification of ECARF

1. Whats the meaning of ECARF?

ECARF is the abbreviation for: European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation. The foundation was established in 2003 with the ambition to improve the quality of living for allergy sufferers. Furthermore it supports allergy Research.

2. What is the certification according to the specification of the ECARF-Foundation for the guest?

The ECARF Seal of Quality has been awarded for allergy friendly products and services since 2006. They offer a special advantage for guests who suffer from allergies or intolerances.

The canteens and cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Göttingen are certified since 20.05.2015 as facilities which provide a special service for allergy sufferers. Thanks to high transparency and accuracy during the preparation of food, people who suffer from allergies and intolerances can find a wide range of food to eat free of complaints.