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Today at the cafeteria
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Zentralmensa offers a new healthy diet called 'Campus isst fit'

From 4 April 2016, all guests of the Zentralmensa will be able to choose from several new menu lines. Under the new brand "Campus isst fit", Göttingen Studentenwerk's Zentralmensa offers fresh and seasonal food that has been cooked in a vitamin-preserving way. It is also aimed at including more natural ingredients. The recipes of some menu lines were updated accordingly.

The new logo of the "Campus isst fit" brand has been designated to steer visitors from the Zentralmensa's foyer to the eastern wing of the Freeflow area. Here, green-illuminated menu tags direct them to the service areas of the new menu lines.

The new menu lines include:

"Al dente" presents various pasta dishes prepared in front of guests.

"Grill" offers special cooked, briefly fried barbecue dishes along with homemade spice mixes.

In addition, there is a new section for organic, raw food called "Vollwert & Co.", and a self-service section, "Studentenfutter" consisting of fruit, muesli, milk, nuts and seeds. There is also a "vegan" section.

Finally, there is the "natürlich fit" line which is based on natural ingredients. Nutrition details are included for all dishes on offer. The menu offers alternating meat, vegetarian, vegan, and fish dishes. Those eating "natürlich fit" every day ensure a healthy and well balanced diet.