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Today at the cafeteria
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Changed opening times our canteens from 13 July 2016 to 14 October 2016

Here you find a list about all our opening times .

Also you find a list about all our forward times. 

Campus isst fit

Since 4 April 2016 you can choose from different new menues at the "Zentralmensa".

Under the new brand "Campus isst fit" we offers fresh and seasonal food that has been cooked in a vitamin-preserving way.



Friday, 26. August 2016 [next Week]
Please observe our shop-hours
hungarian goulash stew with beef (g,i) rye roll (a,g) vegetarian
pasta dish with pork Bolognese Style (a) Parmesan cheese grated (1,c,g), bean salad with sour cream (9,g), dessert of the day yoghurt pot  pork
MSC baked Alaska pollock fish crossies (a,d,g,j) remoulade (3,9,a,c,g,j), country frites (a), mix of leaf lettuce, vinegar oil dressing, dessert of the day yoghurt pot
vegetarian bean parsnip chili (3) carrot cabbage salad (3,a,c,g,j), penne pasta (a), dessert of the day yoghurt pot vegetarian
vegan bulgur pan with Romanesco broccoli (1,3,a,i) tomato cucumber salad, dessert of the day peach vegetarian
grilled flank steak 250 gram vegetables with tomato bellpepper and beans, potatoes, herb butter without garlic (f,g,i), aioli garlic dip (3,a,c,g,j), chili dip (1), dessert of the day yoghurt pot  pork
fried pork sausage with curry sauce (1,8,i,j) or, CampusCurry fried pork sausage with curry sauce (8,j), original curry ketchup, or, curry ketchup Berliner Blume (3,j), diced tomatoes with green pepper, coleslaw with bellpepper, chips  pork
spicy vegetarian chickpea salad with herder cheese (g,i) pita bread vegan (a,f), dessert of the day peach - 741 kcal vegetarian
mushroom pasta pan (2,a,c) creamy soft cheese sauce (2,g), homemade bellpepper cottage cheese (g) vegetarian
vegetarian potato gratin (g,i) gnocchi potato pasta (a), pasta spinach (a), with, pesto of herbs (4), pasta (a), with, mediterranean vegetables, whole grain spaghetti (a), with, tuna (d,f), tomato sauce, bellpepper sauce, vegetable sauce china style (1,f,l), creamy gorgonzola sauce (g)  
mediterranean salad plate (1,2,3,g,l) roll (a,g), large salad plate (3,g), small salad plate vegetarian
apple rings dried (3,l) fresh apple slices, banana crisps, blossom honey, cornflakes (a), cranberry cereal (a), fresh melon yellow, fresh melon red, fruit cereal (a), fresh grapefruit red, natural yoghurt (g), caribbean cereal (a), crispy fruit cereal (3,a), mixed fruits dried (l), fruit brunoise, fruit salad (1), plums dried (1), chocolate cereal (a,g,h), chocolate rice (a,g), soy milk vegan (f), regular quark (g), nuts and raisins (e,h), fresh milk 3,5% (g) vegetarian
rosemary potato basmati rice, Blumenkohlgemüse, Broccoligemüse, Mixsalat, Rotkohlsalat vegetarian
whole grain spaghetti (a) wohle grain rice with vegetables (i) vegetarian
cauliflower broccoli, mixed salad, red cabbage salad vegetarian
organic summer vegetables (i) Bio Nudeln Penne Rigate (a,i) vegetarian
 organic according to DE-Öko-039
fruit quark with cherries (g) caramel pudding with cream (g), yoghurt stracciatella (g), fruit quark with blueberries (g), Latte Macchiato pudding with cream (g), vanilla fruit quark (2,g), Vanilla cream sauce (g), chocolate sauce with cream (g) vegetarian
Only while stocks last! May contain (1-11) and (a-n).For further information please ask our service staff.
Mensa am Turm
Please observe our shop-hours
cut-up pancake with raisans (a,c,g) custard sauce (1,g), stewed peaches, cinnamon and sugar, dessert of the day nectarine vegetarian
gnocchi pointed cabbage pan with smoked pork loin (a) mixed vegetables, dessert of the day organic banana  pork
battered calamari rings (2,3,8,a,n) cocktailsauce (3,a,c,g,j,l), lollo rosso salad, yoghurt dressing (g), boiled potatoes, dessert of the day apple  
homemade fruit quark with tangerine (g) fruit yogurt with mixed berries (g), peach apricot pudding with cream (1,2,g) vegetarian
salad and pasta bar - self-service May contain (1-11) and (a-n).For further information please ask our service staff. vegetarian
Only while stocks last! May contain (1-11) and (a-n).For further information please ask our service staff.
Mensa Italia
Please observe our shop-hours
Bistro HAWK
Please observe our shop-hours

= without meat

= with meat

  = with fish/ seafood

= organic according to DE-Öko-039

legend of declarable additives and allergens

declarable additives

1 with preservative

2 with couloring

3 with antioxidant

4 with flavour enhancer

5 sulphurated

6 blackened

7 waxed

8 with phosphate

9 sweetener/s

10 contains phenylalanin source

11 with cocoa based coating

declarable allergens

a contain gluten

b crustaceans and derived products

c eggs and derived products

d fish and derived products

e peanuts and derived products

f soybeans and derived products

g milk and derived products (including lactose)

h edible nuts

i celery and derived products

j mustard and derived products

k sesame seeds and derived products

l sulfur dioxid and sulphites

m lupines and derived products

n molluscs and derived products