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Graduation loans

Students of all universities in Göttingen who find themselves in financial need through no fault of their own are eligible to receive an interest free loan from the student loan fund.

Graduation loans are only granted for a maximum period covering the last 8 months of the exam time. These loans are not intended to be a replacement for any failure to fulfil maintenance obligations or livelihood support (through spouse or parents), or to be understood as a top up to the federal funding grant for education (BAföG). The recipient will be charged a one-time administrative or processing fee amounting to one per cent of the loan amount.

The maximum loan instalment per month is ?500. The maintenance allowance paid by the parents or alimony payments made by a spouse, as well as any personal income of the applicant will be taken into account according to the BAföG regulations.

To ensure the security of the loan, a directly enforceable guarantee covering the entire loan sum must be provided.

The repayment of the loan must begin no later than the seventh month after certification of graduation issued by the examinations office. The monthly repayment instalments normally amount to 100 ? per month.