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nternational Student Identity Cards

Whenever students plan to travel abroad they should take the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) with them.

The ISIC, recognized by the UNESCO, was introduced for students in 1968 as a travel and service card with document features. It is issued by the ISIC association, a non-profit organization and is accepted worldwide as proof of student status in currently 120 countries. The authorised issuing body for Germany is the rds.

Currently there are around 4 Million ISIC holders per year worldwide. In Germany there are around 150,000 card holders per year. Eligible are all full-time students, as well as students in secondary education who are at least 12 years of age.

The ISIC costs 12 euros and has an international specified validity of 16 months, running from September until the end of the following year. On the website www.isic.de a list of national and international ISIC partners in the areas of travel, transport and accommodation, culture and entertainment, sport, shopping and gastronomy can be found, along with online offers for hard- and software, as well as reservation and booking tools.

The card is available at Social Services. Please bring; student ID, personal ID or passport and a current passport photograph.