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Which products are chosen to cook Mensa meals?

We want to offer a healthy diet. In most cases, we use German foods to prepare our meals. We prefer regional vendors. Our cold-meat suppliers must submit a written guarantee to prove that the animals sold were born and raised in Germany.

Our dining-facility managers prefer to buy foods that were processed without any preserving agents or colorants (i.e. without any phosphates). To season their meals, our cooks use nothing but iodized cooking salt. All fresh and deep-frozen products are checked against their legally prescribed inbound temperatures and best-before dates.

We comply to the principles of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points system (HACCP). Moreover, there is continuous food monitoring by random dish sampling which is carried out by a specialized technical institute of Göttingen University. The samples taken from all dishes must be stored for 10 days as verification of their quality.


Studentenwerk Göttingen does not support any genetically modified foods. Consequently, we only use foods or food products that do not contain any genetically modified substances and can be retraced as provided in EU regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003.