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Today at the cafeteria
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Precycling is better than recycling

Catering for around 14,000 guests each day produces a lot of waste. Studentenwerk Göttingen has been committed to avoiding waste where possible for a long time already. Their mission manifests itself in the "precycling" approach, i.e. avoiding rather than minimizing waste.

To reduce recycling over the Green Dot system, we use more and more bulk containers and returnable bottles/packaging. Apart from that, we have taken the following measures:

  • providing only reusable crockery in all dining facilities and cafeterias
  • saving on water and energy resources as a result of exchanging outdated devices (e.g. dishwashers)
  • urging vendors to use reusable containers
  • returning all produced fats depending on the origin (fat from deep frying or from grease traps)
  • using cleansing agents and dishwashing liquids that are free from phosphates and chlorine and are up to 98 % biodegradable


Finally, we rely on the active support of our guests who are provided with yellow and blue garbage bags to separate their waste.