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Studentenwerk Göttingen
Studieren mit Behinderung
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Students with disabilities

Wheelchair-accessible dining facilities
You can reach the dining facility Zentralmensa without any obstacles from all entrances. Wheelchair-accessible elevators and toilets (ground floor) are available. Mensa am Turm can also be reached without any hindrances. Wheelchair-accessible toilets are available on the ground floor.
Mensa Italia can only be reached without problems from the main entrance. Wheelchair-accessible toilets are available on the ground floor.
If you would like to dine at our dining facilities Nordmensa or Kantine MPI, please contact our staff.

Disability-friendly accommodations
The Studentenwerk Göttingen offers in some housing objects rooms and apartments that are suitable for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Please contact our social work team as soon as possible.
To deal with disabilities and chronic illnesses are even more challenging for students and a lot of obstacles have to be overcome. Often this results in overstrain and burnout syndrome. These feelings can become even more critical during examination periods. Our therapist team of the psychological counseling center (PSB) can help with different problems, so that a crisis does not result in serious problems.