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Today at the cafeteria
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Our dining facilities

Our four dining facilities offer outstanding quality, very affordable prices and specialty weeks on a regular basis. It is a hard decision to make; as there are many different dishes on the menu per day in the semester.


The largest dining facility with different theme stations, upfront cooking, vegetarian and vegan meals,  stews, salad and dessert buffet. So you can combined different menues and side dishes.

Under the new brand "Campus isst fit" we offer fresh and seasonal products. We prepare this food so that it retains as many vitamins as possible.

Stellv. Küchenleiter: B. Bozic

Hauswirtschaftsleiterin: I. Meyer
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Mensa am Turm

Here you can choose between 3 Turm-menus with a selection of side dishes; a stew; a vegan menu and a salad buffet. Since the 8th of April 2013, we also serve"home-made menus".


chef : M. Lanze
dining facility manager: M. Schneemann


In the Nordmensa, you will find a large variety of meals in our menu plan. You can choose between three main components and various side dishes. We also offer our Nordmensa-Fit menu, wich includes a light meal, vegan or vitality meals as well as a rich salad and pasta bar (self-service).

chef: O. Cedel-Hose
dining facility manager: P. Schweikert

Mensa Italia

The Mensa Italia offers various dishes ("Vegetarisch", "Menü I" & "Menü II"), wich change every day. We also offer a stew and a vegan menu with side dishes. You can also choose from a daily salad buffet.

dining facility manager: M. Bührmann