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Sustainability in the Studentenwerk

The Studentenwerk Göttingen is committed to sustainability. Here we give an overview of the areas in which we act sustainably.



Employees of the Studentenwerk Göttingen can register for the job ticket. They can use the ticket for the route between home and work – also in their free time. There is no limit to the number of trips.


Green Electricity

The Studentenwerk Göttingen has been making a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment and the use of natural resources for many years: The Studentenwerk obtains green electricity from renewable energy sources (water, wind, biomass, geothermal, sun etc.) for all facilities in which it can buy electricity itself.

Multifunction Devices

Modern multifunction devices protect the environment: They combine cost efficiency and sustainability perfectly. Their use significantly reduces the energy requirement in the Studentenwerk. Instead of a printer, scanner, fax and copier only a single device needs energy.


Reusable to-go cup

The Studentenwerk contributes to environmental protection through its reusable to-go cup. With our reusable cup

  • you avoid garbage and prevent pollution,
  • you spare resources, because it is reusable and
  • you save money and consume sustainably.

Here, we answer questions about our reusable to-go cup:   

Where do I get the cup?

In all cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Göttingen and at the Infobox in the foyer of the Zentralmensa.

How much is the cup?

You will receive the cup at a net-cost price of 4,80 €.

Is the cup dishwasher safe?

Yes, our reusable to-go cup may be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Can I put the cup into the microwave?

No! Both the RFID chip and the melamine from which the cup is made are not suitable for the microwave.

Is the cup a thermo cup?

No, the cup does not keep the drink warm for several hours.

How durable is the cup?

Since the cup is made of durable and unbreakable melamine, it should also withstand falls from medium height.

What is the capacity of the cup?

In the cup fit 0.2 liters of liquid.

What is the cup made of?

The cups are made of 100% melamine, the same material as the plates and bowls in the canteens.

Why does the cup have an RFID chip?

The RFID chip has stored a simple piece of information: "I am a reusable to-go cup!" From spring 2019, readers on our self-service coffee machines will automatically recognize that this is a reusable to-go cup. Therefore, the additional fee of 10 cents for disposable to-go cups is not charged.

Help, my cup is leaking!

If the sealing ring in the screw cap of your reusable to-go cup leaks or the rubber closure of the drinking opening is broken, you will receive a new seal or a new closure from us for free. Just get in touch at our info box in the foyer of the central canteen.

Environmental protection: Waste prevention comes before waste reduction

Where about 14,000 guests a day are to be cared for, there can be a lot of waste. The Studentenwerk has counteracted this for a long time with the concept of "Avoiding before Reduction".

We are increasingly focusing on bulk packs and reusable systems and do not rely solely on the "Green Dot". In addition, we have taken further measures:

  • Implementation of reusable dishes in all canteens and cafeterias
  • Water and energy savings by replacing old appliances (e.g., dishwashers)
  • Demands on suppliers to use reusable containers
  • Delivery of the resulting fats depending on origin (frying fat, separator)

Finally, we rely on the active support of our guests, whom we provide with containers for waste separation and the collection of recyclables.

Fish from sustainable catch

The Studentenwerk Göttingen was MSC-certified in January 2008 and has since offered some MSC products in its canteens.

Certification Code: MSC-C-51631

Mensa am Turm: Regional concept

Since 2013, "Is(s)t regional" has been the motto in the canteen at the tower. The food and beverage offer consist of regional and seasonal products that stand for freshness, short transport routes, a trustworthy production and the strengthening of the local economy. The menus that kitchen manager Markus Lanze puts together offer our guests menus made from high-quality local food combined with artisan culinary skills.

However, we cannot obtain all food from the region. Nevertheless, we do not want to do without tofu, various types of fish, fruit and drinks, as well as ice cream.


In allen Cafeterien bieten wir FAIRTRADE Kaffee bestehend aus 100% Arabica sowie FAIRTRADE Kakao an. In einigen Cafeterien bieten wir auch FAIRTRADE Obst an.


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