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In the Nordmensa, a varied offer awaits you, where you can choose from two main components and different side dishes. In addition, you have the opportunity to serve yourself at a rich pasta and salad buffet and also a delicious dessert is daily provided.


Eating healthy with "Nordmensa fit"

In the Nordmensa we offer the menu line "Nordmensa fit" based on natural ingredients. With the light, vital dishes of "Nordmensa fit" there are alternating meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Prices for students, staff and guests

Here you can find all prices of the offered dishes and components in the overview.

HK = main component
Kombi = meal, which already contains the starch component

Eintopf (stew)

Stew1,80 Euro3,40 Euro4,50 Euro
1/2 serving without side dish1,05 Euro1,85 Euro2,40 Euro
Side dishes for stew0,55 Euro0,75 Euro0,95 Euro

Stamm 1, vegetarisch (vegetarian)

Stamm 1, vegetarisch2,25 Euro3,85 Euro5,25 Euro
Stamm 1, vegetarisch HK1,15 Euro2,05 Euro3,05 Euro
Stamm 1, vegetarisch Kombi1,75 Euro3,05 Euro4,25 Euro

Stamm 2

Stamm 2 / Strohschwein2,70 / 3,70 Euro4,05 / 5,05 Euro5,35 / 6,35 Euro
Stamm 2 HK / Strohschwein1,60 / 2,60 Euro2,25 / 3,25 Euro3,15 / 4,15 Euro
Stamm 2 Kombi / Strohschwein2,20 / 3,20 Euro3,25 / 4,25 Euro4,35 / 5,35 Euro

Stamm 3

Stamm 3 / Strohschwein3,10 / 4,10 Euro4,60 / 5,60 Euro5,65 / 6,65 Euro
Stamm 3 HK / Strohschwein2,00 / 3,00 Euro2,80 / 3,80 Euro3,45 / 4,45 Euro
Stamm 3 Kombi / Strohschwein2,60 / 3,60 Euro3,80 / 4,80 Euro4,65 / 5,65 Euro

 Nordmensa fit

Nordmensa fit2,70 Euro4,05 Euro5,35 Euro
Nordmensa fit HK1,60 Euro2,25 Euro3,15 Euro
Nordmensa fit Kombi2,20 Euro3,25 Euro4,35 Euro

Beilagen (side dishes)

Vegetable / salad side dish0,50 Euro0,80 Euro1,00 Euro
Starch component0,60 Euro1,00 Euro1,20 Euro

Spargel (asparagus)

Spargel (per serving)2,90 Euro3,30 Euro3,80 Euro

Salatbuffet & Pastapoint (salad buffet & pasta point) 

100g each0,86 Euro1,06 Euro1,26 Euro


Fruit salad1,10 Euro1,30 Euro1,30 Euro
Dessert0,70 Euro1,00 Euro1,00 Euro
Cream dessert0,60 Euro0,80 Euro0,80 Euro
Pudding0,50 Euro0,70 Euro0,70 Euro
Joghurt0,50 Euro0,70 Euro0,70 Euro
Compote0,45 Euro0,70 Euro0,70 Euro
Fruits0,40 Euro0,60 Euro0,60 Euro

Last-Minute-Angebot (last-minute offer)

Last Minute
(1.30 - 2 pm)
2,00 Euro3,60 Euro5,00 Euro

Kitchen Manager: Mr Schwarze

Housekeeping Manager: Ms Schweikert