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Date request event equipment rental

For renting our event equipment, please fill in the form below. We then check whether the desired items are available on your desired date.

Terms and conditions

  1. Studentenwerk Göttingen provides the renter with the equipment listed above completely and in a technically perfect condition. The renter is obliged to check the material on receipt for its completeness and functionality. Functional defects and damages are to be recorded in writing upon receipt, damages not determined shall be borne by the renter.
  2. The renter receives a brief technical briefing on the borrowed equipment. Studentenwerk Göttingen is not obliged to name a person who can remedy any technical difficulties during the rental period.
  3. If the borrowed equipment is culpably not returned at the agreed time, the lease is automatically extended by this period. The renter is obliged to pay the agreed rent up to the purchase value of the equipment to Studentenwerk Göttingen. If additional costs are demonstrably incurred due to the late return, these are to be reimbursed by the renter.
  4. The renter is liable for all damages up to the total loss, which occurs between the transfer of the equipment and the return. In case of damage, the equipment will be expertly repaired by a company or purchased on a new price basis. For the time until replacement, the renter must reimburse Studentenwerk Göttingen for any costs incurred for replacement equipment. We expressly point out that borrowed equipment is not insured by owns liability insurance.
  5. Studentenwerk Göttingen cannot be held liable if the material is not or only partly available at the agreed time due to technical defects or force majeure.
  6. The renter is not entitled to make or have any changes, adjustments or repairs made to the rental equipment without the written permission of Studentenwerk. If an error is detected during operation, Studentenwerk must be notified immediately.
  7. The renter declares that he will not use the equipment commercially. A transfer to third parties is expressly prohibited.
  8. The rental price is based on the valid price list and is payable upon pick-up of the material including the deposit.
  9. Individual invalid or invalidating points of this contract do not affect its overall validity. Place of performance and jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this agreement is Göttingen.

Rental form

I have read the terms and conditions (see above).