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Son cubano for Beginners

This workshop will be taught in German, English and Spanish.

In this workshop we will first learn the basics of Son Cubano such as the recognition of the Son tact, the development of rhythm feeling, the basic steps as well as some Son elegant figures. In addition, the gentlemen learn the leading and the ladies learn to recognize it and to follow their dance partner.

The Son is a quintessential Afro-Cuban musical form, referring both to a singing and dancing style. It originated in the Eastern region of Cuba, known as the Oriente Provence, among the country folk.Nowadays the Son is alive due to different variations, from traditional to modern. Perhaps the most significant contribution of Son Cubano is its influence on present-day Latin American music. Son is specifically considered to be the foundation on which salsa was created. You can hear a wonderful example of son in the song “Chan Chan”, a composition of the Cuban music legend, Compay Segundo. 
Son, the dance, starts with a very formal, closed embrace of the man and woman. The couple maintains a very upright frame, with quick flirtatious side to side movements of the shoulders, torso and hips accenting the underlying six count rhythm of the feet.  Since son is danced off the beat (“a contratiempo”) the couple moves on the half beat before one. It is not very usual to see this dance and in reality few people know how to dance it well.
In Son the steps are more energetic and marked than in Salsa, the pause more marked and the hips movements more pronounced. The rhythm of the Cuban Son is slower than the salsa one, which allows the dancers to develop more style and decorate the steps and figures. One of the very typical and spectacular figures is the one in which the man bends down or even lays down his whole body getting a horizontal position and only supporting his weight on the tip of one foot. The woman turns him around with only one hand.
Son is a melodious rhythm and a very elegant dance.

DateSaturday, August 31th and Sunday, 1st, 2019
VenueClubraum 5
Time3.30 pm - 6.30 pm
NiveauBeginners without previous knowledge
Price40 Euros Students | 50 Euros Employees
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