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Housing for international students

You will study in Göttingen and need accommodation? Then you are here in the right place! Studentenwerk Göttingen also offers student housing for international students.

If you are interested in housing at the Studentenwerk, apply early to one of our dormitories. These are very popular and there are often long waiting times, especially at the beginning of the semester in the months of March and August/September. We recommend you apply for a dormitory as soon as Göttingen is your chosen place of study. Flexibility in rental start increases your chances of getting a dorm room.

Information about the online application and the link to the application portal can be found here.

Erasmus / exchange programs

Are you a participant in an exchange program (Erasmus etc.) and looking for a room? Please contact the Accommodation Service for international students of the department Göttingen International of the Georg-August-Universität. A direct application for a dormitory is not possible through the Studentenwerk.

The Accommodation Service supports all Erasmus and partnership students, especially those who come to Göttingen for the first time and are in search for a place to reside. The accommodation service has a limited number of rooms. Among other things, the Studentenwerk Göttingen cooperates with the university and provides rooms in dormitories. Your desire to have a room will be forwarded to us by Göttingen International. All rooms we offer exchange students are furnished single rooms. Kitchen and bath are shared with other students. In these dormitories we offer rooms for exchange students:

  • Albrecht-Thaer-Weg 6-14b
  • Studentendorf, Gutenbergstraße 2-42
  • Studentensiedlung, Rosenbachweg 2-12
  • Robert-Koch-Straße 38
  • Christophorusweg 12
  • Akademische Burse, Goßlerstraße 13
  • Geiststraße 11a
  • Kreuzbergring 44-46
  • Goßlerstraße 23
  • Humboldtallee 40
  • Kreuzbergring 2 

You want to know more about the above-mentioned dormitories? Via our overview list of dormitories, you can reach the dormitory page by clicking on the corresponding "Dormitory". There you will learn all you need to know about the selected dorm and you can view the exterior of the object.  

Further information can be obtained from the team of the Wohnheimverwaltung Dorf.  

Private Housing - Tips for room search

In the private housing market, there is also not much affordable housing available at the beginning of the semester. Therefore, you should also plan for your search enough lead time. Please note that landlords like to get to know students personally. Often, a stay in Göttingen is required to find a room. Our tip: Before you arrive, reserve a place to stay in order to find a room on the private housing market. In your search, also consider that most rooms in Germany are rented unfurnished. Therefore, always check if furniture is available. 

If you are in Göttingen, our team of the Servicebüro (service office) Studentisches Wohnen will help you with your search.

International students as subtenants

The children left the house and a room is empty for subletting? The exchange with other cultures and young people from all over the world is interesting and exciting? The Accommodation Service of the University of Göttingen is always happy about residential offers for international students! Every year, several hundred foreign students come to Göttingen to attend an exchange program here at the university for one or two semesters, or to spend several years studying. The Accommodation Service assists foreign students in finding accommodation and helps them to find furnished accommodation for interim lease or as subtenants.

Accommodation Service 
Göttingen International 

Von-Siebold-Str. 2 
37075 Göttingen 

Tel. 0551 39-21338 
E-mail: accommodation(at) 

Dorm Administration

Wohnheimverwaltung Dorf
Gutenbergstraße 32
37075 Göttingen

Tel.: 0551 - 39 32 171
Tel.: 0551 - 39 35 172

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 10 am – noon
Wed: 2 pm – 3.30 pm