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At the Göttinger Zentralmensa, you can put together your own meal in the Freeflow area to suit your mood. You will find various theme stations, front cooking, vegetarian and vegan food, stews, a salad and dessert buffet and various menu lines under the brand "Campus is (s)t fit". For those in a hurry, there are two menus, whereby here also the free choice of the components vegetable/salad as well as, e.g., potatoes/rice/chips is possible.

To the menus

"Campus is(s)t fit" in the Zentralmensa

The menu line "Campus is (s) t fit" stands for fresh, seasonal and vitamin-friendly prepared products. The logo of the brand "Campus is(s)t fit" directs you in the foyer of the central canteen directly into the eastern area of the Freeflow area. Here green illuminated menu signs show the serving of the food of the menu line.

Naturally fit (natürlich fit)

The menu line "naturally fit" is based on natural ingredients. Alternating there is meat, fish vegetarian and vegan food. Those who eat "naturally fit" daily, eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Al dente

"Al dente" entices with pasta variations, freshly prepared in front of the guests.


At lunchtime, the "Grill" offers specially stir-fry meat in delicious variations.

Menus, trail mix & Co.

There are also menus 1 and 2, "Trail Food" (fruit, cereals, milk, nuts and grains), a vegetarian and vegan menu, a stew and the "sweet temptation".

Campus to go

Campus to go, that's the freedom to eat where YOU want! Wherever you see the "Campus to go" logo, you can pack up your food, pay for it, and enjoy it wherever you want.

Prices for students, staff and guests

Here you can find all prices of the offered dishes and components in the overview.

HK = main component
Kombi = meal, which already contains the starch component

Eintopf (stew)

Stew1,80 Euro3,40 Euro4,50 Euro
1/2 stew without side dish1,05 Euro1,85 Euro2,40 Euro
Side dishes for the stew0,55 Euro0,75 Euro0,95 Euro
Normal bread roll0,35 Euro0,45 Euro0,55 Euro
Special bread roll0,45 Euro0,55 Euro0,75 Euro
Flatbread, Ciabatta etc.0,60 Euro0,80 Euro1,00 Euro

Menü I

Menü I / Strohschwein2,70 / 3,70 Euro4,05 / 5,05 Euro5,35 / 6,35 Euro
Menü I HK / Strohschwein1,60 / 2,60 Euro2,25 / 3,25 Euro3,15 / 4,15 Euro
Menü I Kombi / Strohschwein2,20 / 3,20 Euro3,25 / 4,25 Euro4,35 / 5,35 Euro

Menü II

Menü II / Strohschwein2,95 / 3,95 Euro4,20 / 5,20 Euro5,50 / 6,50 Euro
Menü II HK / Strohschwein1,85 / 2,85 Euro2,40 / 3,40 Euro3,30 / 4,30 Euro
Menü II Kombi / Strohschwein2,45 / 3,45 Euro3,40 / 4,40 Euro4,50 / 5,50 Euro

Vegetarisch (vegetarian)

Vegetarisch2,75 Euro4,25 Euro5,55 Euro
Vegetarisch HK1,65 Euro2,45 Euro3,35 Euro
Vegetarisch Kombi2,25 Euro3,45 Euro4,55 Euro


Vegan2,75 Euro4,25 Euro5,55 Euro
Vegan HK1,65 Euro2,45 Euro3,35 Euro
Vegan Kombi2,25 Euro3,45 Euro4,55 Euro

natürlich fit/bowl

natürlich fit/bowl2,70 / 3,90 Euro4,20 / 4,90 Euro5,50 / 5,70 Euro
natürlich fit HK1,60 Euro2,40 Euro3,30 Euro
natürlich fit Kombi2,20 Euro3,40 Euro4,50 Euro

Grill I

Grill I / Strohschwein3,80 / 4,80 Euro4,80 / 5,80 Euro5,80 / 6,80 Euro
Grill I HK / Strohschwein2,70 / 3,70 Euro3,00 / 4,00 Euro3,60 / 4,60 Euro

Grill II

Grill II / Strohschwein4,30 / 5,30 Euro5,30 / 6,30 Euro6,30 / 7,30 Euro
Grill II HK / Strohschwein3,20 / 4,20 Euro3,50 / 4,50 Euro4,10 / 5,10 Euro

Grill III

Grill III / Strohschwein4,80 / 5,80 Euro5,80 / 6,80 Euro6,80 / 7,80 Euro
Grill III HK / Strohschwein3,70 / 4,70 Euro4,00 / 5,00 Euro4,60 / 5,60 Euro

CampusCurry (curry saussage)

CampusCurry Strohschwein3,30 Euro4,30 Euro6,30 Euro

Spargel (asparagus)

Spargel (per serving)2,90 Euro3,30 Euro3,80 Euro

Al dente

Al dente HK2,35 Euro3,20 Euro4,30 Euro
Al dente "to go"2,35 Euro3,20 Euro4,30 Euro

Pasta & Gratins

Pasta or gratins with sauce2,25 Euro3,85 Euro5,25 Euro
1 Serving of antipasti0,80 Euro1,00 Euro1,20 Euro


Fitness plate 2,75 Euro3,85 Euro5,15 Euro
Salad small0,50 Euro0,80 Euro1,00 Euro
Salad large1,05 Euro1,55 Euro1,95 Euro

Kartoffeln & Co. (potatoes & Co.)

Vegetable/salad side dish0,50 Euro0,80 Euro1,00 Euro
starch component
(not from the pasta & gratin station)
0,60 Euro1,00 Euro1,20 Euro
organic vegetables & salad0,55 Euro0,95 Euro1,15 Euro
organic rice & noodles0,70 Euro1,10 Euro1,30 Euro

Vollwert & Co. (wohle-food & Co.)

Vegetable/salad side dish0,50 Euro0,80 Euro1,00 Euro
starch component 
(not from the pasta & gratin station)
0,60 Euro1,00 Euro1,20 Euro

Salatinsel (salads)

Salad (100g each)0,86 Euro1,06 Euro1,26 Euro
Normal bread roll0,35 Euro0,45 Euro0,55 Euro
Special bread roll0,45 Euro0,55 Euro0,75 Euro
Flatbread, Ciabatte etc.0,60 Euro0,80 Euro1,00 Euro

Süße Versuchung (desserts)

Rice pudding, smolina pudding1,80 Euro3,40 Euro4,55 Euro
Small serving rice pudding, smolina pudding1,00 Euro1,70 Euro2,20 Euro
Sweet special - offer of the day2,10 Euro3,70 Euro5,10 Euro
Small serving sweet special - offer of the day1,30 Euro2,10 Euro2,85 Euro

Studentenfutter (nuts and raisins)

Studentenfutter (100g each)0,75 Euro0,95 Euro1,15 Euro

Dessertbuffet (dessert buffet)

Dessertbuffet (100g each)0,58 Euro0,68 Euro0,83 Euro

Last-Minute-Angebot (last-minute offer)

Last Minute
(from 2.30 pm)
2,30 Euro3,45 Euro4,75 Euro

Nachmittagsangebot (afternoon offer)

Nachmittagsangebot Fleisch / Strohschwein3,65 / 4,65 Euro4,65 / 5,65 Euro5,60 / 6,60 Euro
Nachmittagsangebot vegan3,35 Euro4,35 Euro5,30 Euro
Nachmittagsangebot I / Strohschwein3,35 / 4,35 Euro4,35 / 5,35 Euro5,30 / 6,30 Euro
Nachmittagsangebot II / Strohschwein3,75 / 4,75 Euro4,75 / 5,75 Euro5,70 / 6,70 Euro
Nachmittagsangebot III / Strohschwein3,85 / 4,85 Euro4,85 / 5,85 Euro5,80 / 6,80 Euro

FAQ Freeflow

What does "free flow" actually mean?

In the Freeflow area you can put together your own food according to your mood from different components and from different stations.

What does the freeflow area look like?

From the foyer you can reach the free-flow area via the staircases West and East on two sides. To avoid long waiting times, most of the issuing areas are on both sides. After passing one of the eight cash registers, you then go to the guest areas East, South and West.

When are which food offers available?

From 2.15 pm, there is only one guest area open. Then only the afternoon offer is available. * On Saturdays, there are only the vegan menu I, stew, grill, salad and dessert buffet.

What can I get there?

The serving system allows great individuality in the composition of the personal menu. With menu I and II there is the possibility of free selection of side dishes (vegetables/salad, rice/potatoes, etc.). Some are calculated in portions, others by weight (see price list). Anyone who thinks of meat as a vegetable, can just take two pieces of meat without side dishes and must pay only for these two. For those who prefer more vegetables, just take two servings of vegetables or a full vegetarian menu. In detail there are:

- Stew
- Menu I with free choice of side dishes
- Menu II with free choice of side dishes
- Vegan with free choice of side dishes
- of course, fit with free choice of side dishes
- Vegetarian (price per portion)
- Salad buffet (price by weight)
- Dessert buffet (price by weight)
- Pasta station (price per portion)
- Fitness center (price per portion)
- Grill station (price per portion)
- Al dente (price per portion)
- Sweet counter (price per portion)
- Whole Food & Co.
- Trail mix (nuts and raisins)
- Afternoon offer (price per portion)

What does all this cost?

The complete price list for students, staff and guests can be found above. Attention: There are only two cash registers for cash payment.

Which stations are self-service and where do I get served?

Service: Vegetarian / Light Kitchen, Vegan, Wok station, Grill station, Menu I, Menu II
Self-service: soups & stews, potatoes & Co., pasta & gratins, salad bar, dessert buffet, fitness center, sweet temptation

Do I have to take menu I or menu II as it is indicated?

No. The recommendation of the chef should only make your decision easier.

Can I also add other side dishes to my dish?

Yes, everything can be combined. The prices for the side dishes are the same at all stations (except organic side dishes in the green bowls and the salads at the fitness center). Basically, the menu price consists of the main component + vegetable side dish + starch component.

Why are there different bowls at the stew counter?

Differently sized bowls have different prices. If you want to eat a large or whole portion of stew, please use the large bowls. Half a portion of stew is filled in the small bowl.

Are pasta & gratins paid by weight?

No. For pasta and gratins: price per selected portion

Can I put pasta and gratin on one plate?

Yes. Also billed per selected portion.

If instead of the fruit belonging to the menu I would prefer dessert from the dessert buffet, do I pay for the fruit from the menu anyway?

Yes. The dessert from the dessert buffet must be paid extra in each case (billing by weight). The piece of fruit is included in the price of the main component and cannot be offset as a result.

Why cannot I take a bowl at the salad buffet, but I have to portion the salad on a plate?

The scale is set to the tare of the plate. But if you want to have your salad in a small bowl, there are ready-made salads (even in small bowls) at the "fitness center", which are charged per bowl.

Does the dressing cost extra at the fitness center?

A serving of dressing, which is intended directly for the plate or the bowl of salad, is included in the price. A serving of dressing in an extra bowl is also charged extra, e.g., ketchup or mayonnaise.

What is the last-minute offer and when and where is it available?

At 2.15 pm, many food stations close down. What is left, is sold at the menu I / II bar for last-minute price at 2.30 pm, until nothing is left. These dishes are served as plate dishes and contain a main component as well as a starch and vegetable side dish. A bowl of salad will be charged extra

When and where are the afternoon offers? And is it always the same offer?

The afternoon offers are available from 2.15 pm.

Offered are: the afternoon offers I-III and the grill of the day (at the grill station). Also open dessert buffet and the "sweet temptation" (while supplies last).

Is there WLAN in the canteen?

Yes. WLAN with enough bandwidth is available in the guest area south (middle guest area).


Kitchen Manager: Mr Cedel-Hose

Housekeeping Manager: Ms Meyer

Opening Hours

Opening hours
Mon - Fri: 11.30 am – 2.30 pm