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Defect report Internet supply

In your dorm or dorm room a problem occurred with the Internet supply? For a better coordination of our resources, we ask for the most accurate error description. We will contact you and make an appointment. 

Many Thanks! 

Your network administration 

Contact details

How can we contact you?

via telephone, between 7 am and 12 pm

via telephone, between 12 pm and 3 pm

via telephone, between 3 pm and 6 pm

nur per E-Mail



Information about Quarantine

    I am not in quarantine at the moment
    I am in quarantine at the moment

Duration of quarantine:    

Error description



Problem with a network socket

The network outlet has no cover

The network socket has no function

The network outlet hangs loose from the wall


Problem with W-LAN

I do not have a W-LAN signal

The Wi-Fi connection breaks down regularly

The Wi-Fi connection breaks down sometimes

The wireless router is off


Problem with the internet

I do not have internet connection

The internet connection is slow

The internet connection sometimes breaks down


Does the problem only affect you or other residents as well?

The problem is probably only for me

The problem probably affects all residents on my corridor

The problem probably affects the whole house


Further information:

If you can, please answer the following questions:

What kind of device do you have problems with?

Computer / laptop

Mobile / tablet

TV / console

with all network-enabled devices

If the device has a connection, what IP address does it have?

. . .


A Mac address can have, e. g., the following spellings:

00:ab:cd:12:ef:34 or 00-ab-cd-12-ef-34 or 00abcd12ef34

1.Mac : : : : :


2.Mac : : : : :


Can you check if the network connection of the malfunctioning device is activated or deactivated?

Yes    No   


Can you check if you have IPv6 enabled or disabled?

Yes    No


Can you reach page via ping?

Ja    Nein    I do not know how to do that.


Can you reach page with Ping?

Yes    No    I do not know how to do that.


Can you just access certain websites?

No, I cannot access a website.

Yes, I can access some websites, but I cannot access the following:


Please enter the text from the picture.

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