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Event Service of Studentenwerks Göttingen

The Studentenwerk CampusGastronomy offers professional support for hosting a variety of events. For any occasion, from seminars or workshops over conferences to graduation ceremonies, our competent team of the event service is available to advise you.

Inquiries for an individual offer are accepted by the event team by phone or via the contact form below.

All services of the event service at a glance

  • Rental of crockery, cutlery, glasses, bar tables and bar table covers
  • Gastronomic design of events with food and drinks (No delivery.)
  • Billing of group meals via vouchers/food stamps
  • Rental of event and meeting rooms, on request with food and drinks
  • Rental of a handcart and doctoral candidate cart

Food and drinks

For the culinary design of events, the event service offers a wide range of food and drinks:

Bread rolls

Price each
1/2 bread roll with salmon2,20 Euro
1/2 bread roll with salami1,90 Euro
1/2 bread roll with ham1,90 Euro
1/2 bread roll with turkey breast1,90 Euro
1/2 bread roll with cheese topping1,90 Euro

Finger food selection

Price each
Mini-Wrap "Oriental Chick'n" / "African Chick'n"2,15 Euro
Chick'n-Double-Stick "Sweet Chili"2,00 Euro
Chick'n-Sweet-Pepper-Stick "sweet-spicy"1,80 Euro
Chick'n-Stick "Teriyaki"1,20 Euro
Prawn skewer2,50 Euro
Lollipop - prawn and vegetables1,20 Euro
Vegetable skewer2,10 Euro
Tomato mozzarella skewer2,10 Euro
Merrauch-Selection (3 types of fish)4,10 Euro
Sushi-Selection2,00 Euro
Parma ham with melon1,80 Euro
Mini Sirloin steak0,50 Euro
Mini springroll0,80 Euro
Mini ham croissant1,00 Euro
Mini cheese croissant1,00 Euro
Mini pretzel stick0,80 Euro
Mini prezel0,80 Euro

Cookies and cake

Price each
Lambertz Compliments 500g box7,50 Euro
various tin and sour cream cakes1,30 Euro

Drinks without alcohol

UnitPrice each
Coffee/tea incl. milk and sugarLarge cup1,10 Euro
Fritz Kola0,2 L1,50 Euro
Fritz Kola zuckerfrei0,2 L1,50 Euro
Fritz Limo Orange0,2 L1,50 Euro
Bad Harzburger mineral water0,25 L1,30 Euro
Bad harzburger mineral water0,75 L2,90 Euro
Creydt apple juice0,2 L2,00 Euro
Creydt apple juice1,0 L6,50 Euro
Creydt orange juice0,2 L2,00 Euro
Creydt orange juice1,0 L6,50 Euro

Drinks with alcohol

UnitPrice each
Sparkling wine "Summa Cum Laude 1921"0,75 L 11,40 Euro
Red wine, Bardolino DOC Classico, Cantina Campagnola0,75 L9,90 Euro
White wine, Wallhäuser Laurentiusberg Grüner Silvaner - semi-dry0,75 L9,90 Euro
Beer, Einbecker 0,33 L bottle1,80 Euro

The minimum order quantity for the finger food items and the rolls is 30 pieces. For all finger food articles, we serve baguette. All soft drinks and cold drinks are available on a commission basis.

Rental service

From the coffee pot to the champagne glass for an all-round successful event, a lot of equipment is needed. The following items can be hired from our event service:

Porcelain dishes

DishesRental fee per item and dayReplacement fee per item
Cup with saucer0,30 Euro4,80 Euro
Coffee pot0,20 Euro1,20 Euro
breakfast plate0,15 Euro1,20 Euro
Plate0,30 Euro2,95 Euro
soup plate0,30 Euro2,95 Euro
soup cup0,30 Euro4,80 Euro
Pudding bowl made of glass0,30 Euro2,95 Euro

Plastic dishes

DishesRental fee per item and dayReplacement fee per item
Pudding bowl0,20 Euro3,00 Euro
Stew bowl0,30 Euro7,50 Euro
Plate0,20 Euro5,50 Euro


CutleryRental fee per item and dayReplacement fee per item
Knife0,10 Euro0,60 Euro
Fork0,10 Euro0,60 Euro
Spoon0,10 Euro0,40 Euro
Cake fork0,05 Euro0,40 Euro
Tea spoon0,05 Euro0,40 Euro

Glasses (36-container)

GlassesRental fee per item and dayReplacement fee per item
Willi-cup (0,3 l)0,20 Euro0,80 Euro
Sparkling wine glass (0,1 l)0,20 Euro1,30 Euro
Wine glass (0,2 l)0,20 Euro2,50 Euro
Shot glass0,10 Euro0,80 Euro


FurnitureRental fee per item and dayReplacement fee per item
Bar table7,00 Euro70,00 Euro
Bar table cover4,50 Euro20,00 Euro

Billing of group meals via voucher (at least 10 persons)

For university groups, institutes, workshop or conference participants it is possible to obtain an overall bill of the canteen visit. The organizer prepares vouchers in advance. At least 14 days before you have your event in one of our four canteens, our event service requires the number of persons and the voucher with the following information:

  • the institute logo or emblem of the initiative
  • the date on which the group dinner should take place
  • the name of the canteen that is visited
  • what the voucher includes (for example 1 lunch an 1 drink)
  • which status (guest or student) the guests have

And how does it work?

Each person in the group receives one of the created vouchers for the canteen visit. Then they chooses their menu and drinks according to the information given on it. The voucher will be provide at one of our checkouts. After the canteen visit, the event service team will prepare the bill for the group dinner. The consumption of all student or youth group participants is calculated with the student price and all other persons with the guest price.

Event and meeting rooms

Our five event and conference rooms are located directly at the central campus, Platz der Göttinger Sieben 4. In these rooms, the Studentenwerk Göttingen alone is responsible for providing food and drinks. The team of the event service is happy to assist with individual room advice and a food and beverage offer tailored to the event/conference.

PhD celebrations

After graduation a kiss for Liesel - For PhD celebrations where in Göttingen the newly examined doctoral students traditionally go to the marketplace and kiss the Gänseliesel, a wagon or a doctoral cart can be borrowed. Please contact our event service via the contact form or by phone.

Event Service

Platz der Göttinger Sieben 4
Entrance 4c, level 1
37073 Göttingen

Ms Fickel
Tel.: 0551 - 39 35 165