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Benefits for Studentenwerk employees

As a member of staff at the Studentenwerk, one is part of a company that celebrated its 100th birthday in 2021. Emerging from an organisation that provided food aid to starving students after the First World War, the Studentenwerk has successfully adapted itself of its existence to changing conditions in order to support students in Göttingen over the many decades.

In this traditional and at the same time modern company with around 400 employees you can expect:

  • a salary according to TV-L (state collective agreement)
  • a company pension plan via the VBL
  • varied offers of occupational health management
  • support by staff council, Equal Opportunity Officer, Disability representatives
  • a company medical care
  • favourable conditions for close-to-work parking
  • the high probability of integration after training (with good performance)
  • in CampusCatering: Evening or weekend work only in a few exceptional cases 


Studentenwerk Göttingen
Stiftung öffentlichen Rechts
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 4
37073 Göttingen

Studentenwerk Göttingen
Postfach 3851
37028 Göttingen