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Course Offerings

Together, many things are easier! That's why we offer a number of courses and groups –mostly held in german- on topics related to everyday student life. A fee of 20 Euros is charged for the courses, which are run by external lecturers.
We offer the following courses/groups at regular intervals. 
In Englisch:

  • CBT techniques for combatting anxiety
  • International Coaching Group

In German, for details change to the german side:

  • Working more effectively
  • Relaxation
  • HOPES (help and orientation for students with severe mental illnesses)
  • Giftedness - exchange group
  • Motivation and time management
  • Procrastination
  • Test anxiety
  • Resilience to go
  • Playing to become braver
  • Strengthening the self - self-assertion
  • Stress and emotion regulation
  • Final-year coaching
  • A running group is held in cooperation with the university sports department.
Coaching group for international master and Phd students

Completing a doctorate or master’s thesis requires a high level of self-discipline, good organizational skills and independent work over a long period of time. It is not uncommon for these work conditions to result in feelings of self-doubt or feeling overloaded with work and expectations. During these periods it can prove helpful to get support within the framework of a coaching-group. This group, specifically for international students, will give you the opportunity to not feel alone with your concerns, to develop skills necessary for your work, to share your problems and questions, and to help strengthen your self-esteem.

For more information please contact Tracy Erwin-Grabner: tracy.erwin-grabner[at]

Current course

Day of the week

Time 9:00- 10:30
Place PSB
Dates 8 sessions  
Course fee none
Resilienz to go

This year we are launching a new offer for you.
Resilience refers to a person's ability to develop successfully, or “bounce back” despite challenging life circumstances or critical life events.  At the front-porch door entry to the  PSB directly on Goßlerstr.  there are hanging  paper bags that you are welcome to take with you each week. These “resilience bags” contain exercise descriptions of activities that you can try out at home. These exercises are aimed at building inner strength and resilience and change weekly.

CBT techniques for combatting anxiety - We are planing a new course

CBT is a treatment approach that is based on the premise that our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are interconnected.  In this group, you will have the opportunity to begin to better understand potential thoughts and behaviors that contribute to your own experiences of anxiety and worry…..and ways to begin making shifts in thinking and behaviors to reduce symptoms of anxiety. This is a closed-group, meaning that the same participants attend over the entire course of the group.  The sessions build upon one another, so it is asked that you make concerted efforts to attend all sessions.  Currently, the plan is for the group to take place in-person at the PSB. The language of the group exchange will be in English and group size is limited.

Current seminar

Course type Seminar
Dates to be clarified
Time Thursdays from 9:00- 10:15 am
Place  PSB
Course fee none

Strengthening the self - self-assertion (for women only, in German)

Even in  'ordinary' everyday life there are situations in which we feel uncomfortable, limited and attacked. We do not always succeed in remaining calm and sovereign or in setting ourselves apart appropriately.
In this seminar we will train self-awareness, practice mindful handling of ourselves and our limits and feel our strength with joy. In this way, we can (re)discover our own resources, which strengthen and can support us to act more confidently and effectively.

Strengthening our own emotional security (especially in the context of conflict situations).
Recognizing and naming situations where boundaries are crossed.
Maintaining and / or expanding our ability to respond effectively in these situations.

Experiencing the effects of gestures, facial expressions, body language, use of voice and physical techniques for self-assertion and self-defense.

Perception exercises, strengthening exercises for stable standing; body and voice presence,
mental exercises that encourage the participants to discard victim roles and thoughts and replace them with a positive and strong self-image. Role plays in which participants can deal with experienced or feared conflict situations and experience positive solutions.

Course type Block Seminar
Dates 21./22.04.2023

Friday 3:00 to 6:30 pm
Saturday 9:30 am to 4 pm

Location:  to be clarified
Course fee 20 Euros

Psychosocial Counselling

Goßlerstraße 23
37073 Göttingen

Ms Goldmann
Tel.: 0551 - 39 35 071
Monday to Thursday 9-14 h


Open consultation hours

We currently offer Open Consultation Hours by telephone – During specified times you can briefly speak to a counselor in English.
Next Open Hour with the possibility to speak English:

Thursday, 01.06., 12-13 Uhr
Tel.: 0551 39 35 292
Tracy Erwin-Grabner (she)

Ofrecemos consultas en español.Ofrecemos consultas en español. Por favor contacte por email al secretariado si tiene interés.