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Mensa am Turm

Vegan and vegetarian menus with various vegan and vegetarien side dishes as well as a salad buffet and desserts are available every day. From Tuesday until Thursday you will find one-pot-dishes, too.

Mensa am Turm with a new vegan and vegetarian concept

"pure l vegan l vegetarian" has been the motto in the 100% meat-free canteen at the tower since October 2021, also awarded as Planetary Health Mensa: From Monday to Friday there are a lot of tasty and fresh vegan and vegetarian dishes, side dishes, a salad buffet and desserts.

Watch this:
Video of the Green Office/Universität Göttingen: "Vegan-vegetarische Mensa in Göttingen? Paul fragt nach(haltig)".

The seats in the directly adjacent Café am Turm are also available to canteen guests if required. Here, two tables are designated for studying parents with children. Overall, the canteen has round about 400 seats, of which around 60 are outdoors at permanently installed tables and benches. 

The canteen at the tower sources its goods from, among others, the regional butcher Lars Bode from Bockenem. He has successfully converted some of his products to vegan versions made from plant-based ingredients. The NDR program Nordreportage from April 3, 2024 presents the work of Lars Bode and shows several scenes from the canteen at the tower.

Only cashless payment is possible. Card recharge machines are located in the entrancels area and in the dining room behind the tills.

Architecturally, something special

The canteen is located in the former wash hall of the University of Göttingen. The "tower room" makes the canteen at the tower with its striking architecture something very special. Steam escaped from the tower when it was still functioning as the exhaust air tower of the university laundry.
The current tower room was only made useable in 1994, after the missing floor had been installed. Under the tower are still underground catacombs, through which in former times oxygen flowed, to supply these to the burner in the foot of the tower.
The tower also forms a beautiful connection to inner-city fauna: kestrels have been nesting on the tower for 28 years.

Prices for students, staff and guests

Here you can find all prices of the offered dishes and components in the overview.

HK = main component
Kombi = meal, which already contains the starch component

Eintopf (stew)

  Students Staff Guests
Stew 1,90 Euro 3,80 Euro 4,90 Euro
1/2 Stew 1,20 Euro 1,95 Euro 2,45 Euro
Side dish for the stew 0,55 Euro 0,90 Euro 1,10 Euro


  Students Staff Guests
Niedersachsen-Menü 2,50 Euro - -
Vegan/Vegetarian 2,95 Euro 5,00 Euro 6,30 Euro
Vegan/Vegetarian HK 1,75 Euro 2,85 Euro 3,75 Euro

Vegan/Vegetarian Kombi/

One Pot (Tue-Thur)

2,35 Euro 4,00 Euro 5,10 Euro


  Students Staff Guests
je 100 g 0,96 Euro 1,16 Euro 1,36 Euro


  Students Staff Guests
Dessert 0,85 Euro 1,10 Euro 1,35 Euro

Beilagen (side dishes)

  Students Staff Guests
Salad or vegetables 0,60 Euro 1,00 Euro 1,20 Euro
Starch component 0,60 Euro 1,15 Euro 1,35 Euro

Last-Minute-Angebote (last-minute offer)

  Students Staff Guests
Las Minute 2,40 Euro 4,10 Euro 5,40 Euro

Kitchen Manager: Mr Lanze

Housekeeping Manager: Ms Borzi

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday: 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Friday: 11:30 a.m. - 2.15 p.m.