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All cultural events cancelled

Unfortunately, we are still unable to offer you any cultural presence offers or PA rental.

We hope that we can start again for the winter semester 2021 and we'll inform you about it in good time.

Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop is also referred to as the grandfather of swing. It originated in the late 20s in the ballrooms of Harlem. Lindy Hop was open to all people, age-groups and skin colours. It was danced to the big-band swing jazz music of the 20s to 40s. The music leaves a lot of room for improvisation. Accordingly, a lot of freedom in interpretation and movements is allowed as long as they fit the music. Depending on the rhythm of the music and the tempo, the dance can be wild and spontaneous or even cool and elegant. In the 1980s, the swing dance was "rediscovered" and gained more and more friends in Europe. Since 1998, Lindy Exchanges have been held regularly in many cities to get to know each other and the typical dance style of another city.

Participants of our Lindy Hop Courses can come with partner or alone. In Lindy Hop classes, it is common to change dance partners frequently to learn faster, to dance better, and to make getting to know each other easier. With the "Social Dance" also partners are changed, so that anyone can invite everyone. Mostly you dance two to three songs with the same partner, the first one often to "get to know each other".

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